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Professional dog training, walking, and house sitting.

Hello! My name is Callie Perkins. 
I am a professional dog obedience trainer who utilizes positive reinforcement methods. Highly experienced running classrooms, rescue/boarding/daycare/grooming facilities, pet retail, and house sitting.

I can help with many things from general obedience to integrating your dog into boarding/daycare/grooming facilities,

employee assessments, group classes, the do’s and don’ts of dog parks, and much more. I offer group classes and 1-on-1 private lessons.


Check the FAQ page for more info on services.

What is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement (or +r) is a reward-based training style that makes a behavior more likely to occur with the addition of something pleasant, and the elimination of said reward to make a behavior less likely. 
Why positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the best way to learn. It's a force-free method that challenges the dog to use it's brain as we guide it into doing what we ask of it.


Sandy Springs, GA





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