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The face to the name

Callie Perkins is a highly experienced dog trainer and handler who has been a lifelong lover of animals and has been working with them since she was 13. She started as a simple house and baby sitter and moved on to volunteer work at Atlanta Pet Rescue, eventually moving on to doggy daycare, grooming and boarding facilities. Her first experience with training was with PetSmart with whom she stayed for a total of four years before moving onto freelance work and migrating back to a daycare and boarding setting - a place she could face more challenges when it came to behavior correction and working with a multitude of dogs at once. 

She is deeply passionate about animals and teaching people how to respectfully communicate and interact with them. She is the human companion to an Australian Cattle Dog X, two cats, a Kingsnake, and a leopard gecko.

The name for her business is inspired by her childhood nickname.


Rigby Kramer Perkins is Callie's rescue heeler x and hiking partner, whose name is inspired by a cartoon raccoon combined with the name his foster mom gave him. He was born in foster care April 5, 2017, by The Human Society of the Southeast, mothered by a Scottish Terrier mix, and was the first born of three. He often accompanies her to classes to act as a demonstration dog

Rigby art by NiknikAndo

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