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Frequently Asked Questions

Training FAQ
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Question: How long do group classes run?

Answer: Once a week for 5 weeks.

Q: How much time do we spend in each class?

A: Between 30-45 minutes, private and group.

Q: Do you run virtual classes?
A: Yes upon request using Zoom.

Q: What are your working hours/what times can I call you?
A: 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday

Q: Do you offer make-ups if I cannot make it to class?

A: Absolutely, please call me directly so we may discuss when. 

Q: What if I have to miss several classes?
A: I would suggest starting a new class at no additional cost, or we can schedule make up dates.


Q: How much should we be practicing at home?
A: Every day for at least 15 minutes. My suggested bare minimum is 3 days a week.

Q: What if I have questions throughout the week?

A: Feel free to call me directly if they are relevant to your dog learning an exercise from class, however if it's not relevant to that please write it down and ask next during class or e-mail me! I'm happy to answer any call, voice mail, text, e-mail, or questions in class.

Q: When can I expect a response?

A: Within 24 hours of submission.

Q: Do you require vaccines?
A: I require rabies and parvo for dogs older than six months.


Q: Where can I send my proof of vaccine records?

A: I accept records sent via e-mail at You can call your vet to send them to me directly or send me a picture of your invoice record.
Please ensure all dates are visible. A rabies tag is not accepted as proof of vaccine.

House Sitting Q&A
House-Sitting Q&A

Q: What hours will you come?

A: My working hours for house sitting are from 7AM-8PM Monday-Sunday. Mornings are between 7AM-11AM, afternoons 12-3PM, and evenings 

Q: Do you offer overnight stays?
A: I do not offer overnights with the exception of close family friends.

Q: Will you take my animal home with you?

A: I do not offer this service as it is disallowed as per my apartment lease.

Q: What if my dog needs medication during the evening off-hours?

A: Please speak with me directly. I'm happy to accommodate special needs.

Q: My animal needs shots/fluids/medication at a particular time.
A: Please speak with me directly and I will do my best to accommodate my schedule around your animal.

Q: Do you offer meet and greets?

A: Yes, they are free of charge and I require at least one before a visit. Exceptions made for emergencies.

Q: What comes in a default package?

A: Price includes feeding, water dish changes, distribution of medications (including flea & tick), light spot cleaning (cages, terrariums, carpet accidents etc), I'll take dogs on 20-30 minute sniff walk and/or backyard play time, cat playtime/snuggles, light grooming (>5 minutes), mail/newspaper retrieval, light plant watering (for indoor plants and some outdoor), and bringing trash cans to street. Any doggy bags, scooped litter bags, etc. will be disposed in outdoor trash if available. 

Q: What is not offered, but can be added for additional cost?

A: Additional walking time, leashed walking trail visits, heavy plant watering (20+ minutes focusing on plants), light aquarium cleaning/water changes, dog baths, arrivals outside of working hours: Monday-Sunday 7AM-8PM.

Q: What is not offered at all?

A: I do not offer playtime for reptiles, rodents, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits or birds for short term (>two weeks) packages. I do not bathe any of said creatures nor cats. (brushing yes, bathing no.) I do not give dogs haircuts. I will not take your dog to a dog park for safety and liability. I do not offer gardening, house chores, nor laundry services.

Q: Will you practice training my dog during stays?

A: Yes for existing and/or past students.

Q: What happens in case of emergency?

A: I will contact you, then your emergency contact if no answer. Your animal will be taken to closest ER or veterinary office on file. Cost is out-of-pocket for pet parent and I will provide invoices for all services rendered by vet.


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