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Callie's Top Recommendations

Products and services I use with my animals.

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Merrick Dog Food

Ancient Grains

I like Merrick for it's wide variety of wholesome ingredients and high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine, which helps protect your dog's joints as they age.
It is important to ensure your dog's diet consists of healthy grains unless your vet says otherwise due to allergy. Grains include DHA - which is important for healthy heart development. Fish are loaded with it and also promote a soft, silky coat and healthy skin.

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KONG Company
Chuck It! 

Toys, leashes, and harnesses

KONG toys are made from high quality materials and are made with dog psychology, anatomy, and life stages in mind. They are one of the leading brands for puzzle toys and chew items to keep your dog busy and to keep their mind occupied,They are a high-quality source for leashes and harnesses - Rigby has several reflective items.

Chuck It! balls and throw-toys are of high-quality rubber and made with dogs in mind. They're made of colors visible to dogs, float in water, bounce, and won't damage doggy tooth enamel as fast as a regular tennis ball if they like to gnaw.

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Dr Erik Johnson

Johnson Veterinary Services

3100 Roswell Road Suite #113 

Marietta GA 30062

Our wonderful veterinarian.

He is highly experienced, compassionate, affordable, and excels in explaining things in laymen's terms.

I reference his articles frequently in my classes and recommend everyone peruse his website and read them.

Office (770) 977 5377

    Blue Buffalo

    Food & training treats

    Blue Buffalo was one of my first sponsors as a beginner through their "Blue Buffalo Trainers" program.

    Over the years I have used A LOT of treat brands and find BB to be consistent in doggy satisfaction. 

    I feed my cats their chicken and brown rice indoor adult formula of dry cat food and their "Tastefuls" collection of canned food is always a hit. Rigby loves the canned dog food.

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    Humane Society of the Southeast

    Pet Rescue

    This was were I rescued Rigby, whose foster momma did an amazing job during his first ten weeks of life. 

    I was thoroughly impressed with their work and vetting process to assure all dogs go to a stable and loving home.

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    Pet Rescue

    I had the pleasure of working with FurKids during my years as a trainer at PetSmart. Everyone I've met here is extremely dedicated and passionate about the animals they rescue. If you would like to volunteer, get info on adoptable dogs and cats, donate, or just want more info, please follow the link below.

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    Angels Among Us

    Pet rescue

    A rescue I worked with during my time at PetCo. I volunteered to help feed, water and clean the rescue cats that came in. All the volunteers I have met are extremely compassionate in the work they do.

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